30 High Street
CB21 4HS


3 November 2014


After a little rejig, The Linton Kitchen now has an entire wall dedicated to tea!!

Stuffed full of Kandula Tea Gems and Loose Leaf Pouches, and complimented by exclusive thermal handmade tea cosies from Newmarket-based Alice’s Imagination it is a tea-lover’s paradise! Take your pick and let us pack you up a tea-themed hamper as a Christmas present.

Kandula Tea was created by Gail and Jane and has since become one of East Anglia’s leading Tea distributors. From the beginning they set out to create a range of premium whole leaf blends and were determined to gather all of their teas from a single source. The climate and soils in Sri Lanka provided the perfect conditions for growing tea, and Sri Lanka’s location close to the equator means that all of the tea crops are naturally higher in antioxidants than other teas.

The Kandula ladies wanted to form long-term relationships with the tea producers and estate communities and regularly visit Sri Lanka to oversee the picking and blending. All Kandula Teas are picked, processed and packed in Sri Lanka, which contributes to the local community via direct trade.

 If you haven’t yet tasted their incredible variety of delicious teas, you really must! Come and enjoy a pot at The Linton Kitchen.